We do not use Telegram. Any Telegram channel is scam.

The only contact email is: [email protected]

Bank transfers are not available anymore, only crypto-payment is accepted.

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How to pay with crypto?

Paying with crypto is easier than it first appears.

First step: Acquire crypto

You can use a credit card or bank transfer.

There are multiple methods to acquire cryptos:

To purchase cryptos by this methods you need to complete an identity verification process.

Second step: Select your preferred crypto in the checkout page. Then it will show up a wallet address and the number of funds that you have to send. Please send the exact amount. The payment will be automatically confirmed once the funds arrive to the address.

Please take in consideration the fees when sending the payment.

Also, it is recommended to not directly send the cryptos from the exchange and instead send it to a private wallet first, such as Cake Wallet.

We will like to assist you if you find any difficulties.